Quad Bike Safaris

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Team Activities

Blindfolded Quad Bike Driving

Teams elect drivers and naviagators to drive around a coned course against the clock. The blindfolded driver is totally reliant on the navigator.
Task Aim: Good communication

The Tug Of War

To pull the other team across the line (sometimes a moat full of water)
Task Aim: Working together towards a common goal.

Blind Mice

Using the equipment and 4 blind folded people on one end of the rope, one person has to control the team to pick up the cheese and without touching the ground, transport it to the mouse hole.
Task Aim: Clear communication

The Gun Emplacement (Claybird shooting)

Your team task is to shoot down the enemies homing pigeons before they get their message back to HQ.
Task Aim: Communication

Blindfolded Human Sheep Herding

The team elects a shepherd who must guide the blindfolded team safely into the pen before the opposing team can guide their blindfolded wolf to catch them.
Task Aim: Communication

Three Legged 5-a-side Football

Normal rules apply, but you are tied to a partner. Great fun to watch as well as to play.
Task Aim: Working together towards a common goal

The Moat

To get all the team members over the moat including the thick hemp rope, all the other equipment remains on the start side, no one is allowed to fall in or go around the moat. All this in the quickest possible time.
Task Aim: Communication and working together towards a common goal

The Web

Teams have to navigate through a 3 dimensional web without touching it. A hands on exercise involving the whole team passing each other through different sized gaps. If anyone touches the web it's back to the start.
Task Aim: Illustrates the benefits of working as a team, good for breaking down barriers

Target Archery

After initial instructions the team need to master this ancient art and score as well as possible.
Task Aim: Hit gold and win


For groups of 10 or more people we can also cater either a barbecue or sandwich lunch at an extra cost per person.

The corporate barbecue lunch/dinner is $45.00 per person. This may change so please contact us for latest menu.

The sandwich lunch is also offered. This includes a combination of different meat and salad sandwiches, a dessert and fresh fruit.

Also for sale on site - soft drinks - caps
Gift Certificates Available

Phone us today with your requirements and we'll plan your day for you!!